The unique technology of HUTECH ‘SONIC WAVE Massage System’ is the first to commercialized in the global market.

This is our own technique which combined acoustic vibration magnetic circuit with our system through strategic collaboration with health care company EVOSONIC in Korea.

HUTECH car seat combines air cell massage mechanism with SONIC WAVE magnetic circuit. This unique system gives you the smoother and sound vibration as the SONIC WAVE delivers the massage deep into the muscles. This is very special massage you’ve not experienced ever before.


‘MUSIC SYNC Massage Technology’

It provides a higher level of relaxation in harmony with SONIC WAVE massage and music. You can experience a whole new concept of technology that the music you listen becomes a massage rather than simply playing music while travelling


HUTECH ‘SONIC WAVE Massage System’ which delivers massage deep into the muscles
(without physical massage) is the best solution for mobility industry mainly because
the safety issue is top priority in the mobility condition.